Syrian Refugees Community Forum

NSD Tatweer organized the Syrian Newcomers Community Forum in San Diego on November 19.
The goal was to welcome the new neighbors and to listen to their needs directly. More than 70 head of household attended. Most of them are in the US for less than 3 months.
NSD Tatweer invited representatives from the following key local agencies to welcome the new neighbors and answer their questions:
• El Cajon Police Department.
• East County Chamber of Commerce.
• Cajon Valley Union School District.
• Grossmont Union High School District.
• El Cajon Collaborative.
The main two concerns the Syrian refugees have are Housing and Employment.
Many of them are living in motels for months because they do not have an apartment lease co-signer.
Some stated that they are paying up to 1800$ a month for two bedrooms apartment in El Cajon.
A lot of them shared stories about apartment managers abusing their right as tenants.
NSD Tatweer and the attendees agreed to coordinate a special workshop focusing on Tenant/Landlord rights and responsibilities.
NSD Tatweer would like to thank Rev. Sal Sarkis – First Baptist Church of El Cajon for hosting the event in a short notice.
For any questions, please email or call 6192125423.




























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