NSD Tatweer Programs

Skilled & Foreign Credentialed Newcomers

A group founded in 2009 to share experiences and resources, in 2016 the group has more than 450 refugee and immigrant with foreign credential or professional skill: Engineers, medical doctors, dentists, IT, scientists, teachers, lawyers, artists, mechanics, translators, accountants, etc.. Click Here for more details. 

Leadership & Civic Engagement

Engage the newcomer’s community leaders and active members in the local activities in order to create a better sense of belonging to their new community.  Adding outside the box thinking is always beneficial to the local community. this will help the local community and the newcomers community as well “Newcomers Assisting Each Others”. Click Here for more details. 

Cultural Intigration

We are refugees ourselves, so we speak refugee! We’ve been through all what are they going through now few years ago, not many years ago. We know how to share our experience in learning America the right way, we provide examples, and have them practice. Click Here for more details. 

Community Resources

Coming Soon

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